palette: the variety of colors or techniques used by an artist

An artist creates a different palette for each piece of art he or she makes. The making of food is no exception to such an art. A cook's palette is filled with colors, flavors, stories, and soul - changing from dish to dish with bursts of newly found inspiration. Each piece is unique. As such, let us create.

A little about the girl behind the palette...

Hello! I'm Carrie.

I am positively in love with the artistry of food, of how we can feel a deeper connection with others after we have shared a meal with them, of how a good dish has the ability to surrender us to our greatest joys and pleasures.

I've thought about starting this blog for years. I adore culinary literature, read cookbooks cover to cover, and dream of long days in the kitchen with my apron wrapped tight. The stack of dishes that pile up in the sink on such a day aren't even a bother. It wasn't until I returned from my first trip to France - cliché of course, but invigorated, inspired, and hungrier than ever - that I finally decided to start this.


"That since we must eat to live, we might as well do it with both grace and gusto.” - M.F.K. Fisher

I delight in the story behind food and believe in food that is good and true. I have lived in and around Seattle my entire life and am lucky to be surrounded by a vibrant community that supports local food producers and hosts farmers markets practically every day of the week. I practice nutrition in my everyday life (most recently as a community pediatric and prenatal dietitian, although taking a bit of time away to raise my son) so I’ll share my thoughts on nutrition here and there as I wade my way through bowls of farro and tins of apple tarts.

Palette by palette and bite by bite, I hope to show you how to revel in joy at the table as I do. Tie on your apron and join me!