virtual coffee date

Why, hello there! I'm thinking it's time we catch up a bit, hmm? It's been far too long. Maybe over a cup of coffee? One of my favorite blogs does this thing called "virtual coffee dates". It's a way to catch up on all sorts of topics, only via the Internet instead of the Starbucks down the street. It's a splendid idea, really. And you all know how I feel about coffee.

So, I've got my cup.

I'll wait while you grab yours.

I've missed you all so much. Life has been so busy since we last talked. But so, so good too. I've had many of you reach out to me, wondering when I'll get back to the blog and the like. Thank you for your kind words and immense support. Adjusting to my new job over these months has left me breathless by the end of each week, but I simply cannot stay away much longer. I've got scrap pieces of paper in all sorts of odd places, scribbled with words and thoughts I want to share with you that run through my mind.

So, how is the new job?

It certainly challenges me, and I see some really tough things. Things that stay with me as I drive home from work or show up uninvited in my dreams at night. It's so easy to feel inadequate. But then a 3 year old taps me on the shoulder and whispers a secret in my ear, followed promptly with a kiss on my cheek from her rubber duck as I talk to her pregnant mom about breastfeeding. Those are the moments when it all feels pretty worth it. I am inspired by people everyday. I really do love it.

And life outside of work has been a breath of fresh air. How liberating to have my weekends free after so many years of school! Most of our weekends these days involve good friends, good food, and good wine. Simple things make me happy.

Housemade yogurt with honey and toasted pinenuts, a cardamom scone, and a perfectly frothed latte at The Fat Hen in Ballard.

Stumbling upon this sign, rummaging through the bin for the reddest and ripest, plucking away the stem, and taking the very first bite, which is always the best of the season, simply because I've been waiting for it for many long months.

Transporting these lovelies, finding it unbearable to wait to take a picture before arriving home. Their bright color makes even a car ride a beautiful thing.

A carousel ride with my niece, who clutches the bar with all her might and takes the task very seriously. Experiencing joy, albeit dizzy joy, through her eyes.

And a little silliness in a photo booth, which is as good for the soul as a good meal.

There is plenty more to catch up on. I look forward to it in the coming days. So, what would you tell me over your cup of coffee?