a beginning

Well, here goes. I can't believe I'm actually writing this. Out loud. Where people can read it. Am I giving away the fact that I tend to be a risk-aversive person if I say, "What a rush!"?

I've dabbled with the idea of starting a food blog for years. The husband and I took our first trip to France last month in celebration of me finally finishing 9 years of college. The vibrant smells and tastes were enough to get me scurrying into the kitchen for marathon days of split pea soup with curry brown butter and butternut squash, heirloom beet salad with pumpkin seeds and feta, plum tarts, lemon citrus cakes...the list gets a little ridiculous.

It doesn't hurt that I'm somewhat unemployed right now and need a creative outlet to maintain my sanity while applying for job after job at home in my pajamas. Now I can cook in my pajamas instead. With a cute apron, of course.

Thank you for joining me as I begin this venture. Be sure to check out my "behind the palette" page to learn a bit more about me. In the meantime, I will try to win your love by posting a fantastic baked good recipe tomorrow.