drift + roam: a guide to paris

My weekend in Paris back in May went far too fast and I have so many stops still to visit on my wishlist. This is by no means exhaustive, but here, a collection of places I ventured to this time or last and recommend you do the same.


to stay


Hotel Paradis / Positively the most charming little boutique hotel that ever was.

Les Bains Hotel / Dramatic, grand, and hipper than hip, but you'll tell everyone how fantastically comfortable the bed is.

Apartments Actually / Absolutely scrumptious flats, hand-picked throughout the Marais. Live like a local for a week. Or two. Or three.

to eat


Buvette / On my last night in Paris, I squeezed into a solo spot here at the bar - next to a bowl of citrus marked with scraggly pieces of missing peels. It was late, when the energy was loud and kinetic and infectious. I spoke broken French to the bartender and practically kissed him when he handed over a carrot salad with coriander vinaigrette and pistachios, much needed after a few too many pastries that week.

Frenchie To Go / Perhaps one day I'll be lucky enough to snag a table at Frenchie itself, but this casual, off-the-cuff spot tucked away on a side street in the 2nd arrondissement does American comfort food well.

Verjus / A place where my love of food really took hold and has held steadfast since. The husband and I sat and ate and drank here for hours on our first trip to Paris. 

Au Passage / So much spirit. Get the small plate specials on the chalkboard menu along the back wall.

Clown Bar / By far, one of my most memorable meals from my retreat. We sat at a large table in the back, next to a small section of the kitchen. Everything felt vibrant and buzzy and the dishes did not stop coming.

Café Smorgas / Perfect for breakfast if you've indulged a bit too much the day(s) before and are looking for something to feel like your old self a bit. Get the freshly squeezed juice and tartine sucrée.

Du Pain et Des Idées / Obligatory pastry stop.

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse / Stunning chocolates. You'll want to take home the whole shop.

to drink (namely, coffee)


Fragments / The cortado is excellent, especially when sipped on the bench just outside. A favorite.

Boot Café / A standout, for sure, amid Paris' creamy white and beige palette with its bright blue exterior and neon stools out front.

Café Oberkampf / Simple, beautifully made coffee. I drank my cup on a saucer outside in the rain when not another soul could squeeze in, but I didn't mind much.

Blackburn / Charming and eclectic. The little ceramic mugs hanging from the shelf behind the counter had me smitten.

Season / The perfect place to sit and talk and people-watch on the patio while waiting for the nearby shops to open, long after they say they will.

to visit


Maison Européenne de la Photographie / I took a solo trip here on my last day in Paris, capping my food + photography weekend with a bright bit of inspiration.

Place des Vosges / A splendid spot in the city for a picnic of all the treats you've surely been picking up along the way.

Eiffel Tower / Well, of course. But just from afar, to take it in, is really all you need.

The Marais / Just all of it. An inspiring neighborhood to settle in and spend some time in.

to shop


Merci / Basically the dreamiest store in the world with a charming cafe within.

Yvon Lambert Bookshop / A beautifully curated collection of photography books, rare and out-of-print books, limited edition prints, films, a bit of art, and the like.

E. Dehillerin / Cookware for days.